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[url=][/url] To avoid them, you should carefully study the ideas for repairing a hall in an apartment, proposed by experienced designers. Basic rules when using your favorite idea Most people, using any idea of ​​repairing a hall in an apartment they like, do not think about the result, although they make their own adjustments and carry out a kind of manifestation of imagination.Often this is due to the arbitrary design of the living room, when a certain and approved style is not applied in the interior.
There are entire neighborhoods in New York dedicated to home design, so we spent many hours browsing these stores and getting expert opinions.In the end, we got our bathroom and kitchen tiles from The Tile Spark, and our kitchen and bathroom accessories and vanities from The Bath Gallery, thanks to all of their industry expertise.
Color has always been one of the main components of the interior of an apartment. Living in one color scheme is just boring and uninteresting. But before choosing a color scheme, you need to know whether the colors harmoniously combine with each other in the interior of the apartment, and whether comfort, style, quality and beauty will be combined.
Small cozy sofa sofa, two armchairs, TV and a small coffee table. This is quite enough to make the room spacious and leave the space free. It is better to arrange the ceiling and walls in a light palette: light gray walls or light beige and white ceiling.
At the same time, questions arise as to whether options for creating coziness are possible with limited space and what design tricks can be used to visually expand the space. Any apartment has its own business card – a hallway. This small space often adds up to an opinion about the whole apartment.

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